The Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of Nouvelle-Aquitaine is calling for applications to coordinate the "Collège au Cinéma" scheme in Gironde. This allows college students to expand their film culture as part of their school curriculum and allows institutions to receive financial support.

Presentation of the device

What is the "College at Cinema" device?

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Since 1989, "Film College" has been a school image education system which is part of the policy of awareness-raising and artistic education of the young public conducted by the CNC (National Centre of Cinema and Animated Image), the Ministries of Culture and National Education and the Departmental Councils.

"Film College" is implemented in Gironde with the support of the DRAC (Direction régionale des affaires culturelles), the DSDEN (Direction des services départementaux de l'Éducation nationale) and the Gironde Departmental Council.

The Departmental Council of the Gironde deploys a policy in favour of cinema and education in the image which translates in particular by its accompaniment to the projects of education in the image ("College to cinema", other projects in colleges, cultural routes outside college, "Image smugglers", festival "Les Toiles citoyennes", COMETT platform…) and through its support to several associations involved in this field.

Each year in Gironde, the scheme involves more than 12,000 middle school students, 95 schools and 35 cinemas as well as the participation of many artists, professionals and local structures working for image education.

The coordination "Collège au cinéma" ensures compliance with the specifications of the system as well as the commitments set out in the document Ma Classe au cinéma:

Ma classe au cinema - Engagement des partenaires - septembre 2021.pdf

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Objectives of the approach

"Film College" is aimed at middle school students, both public and private. In this context, students discover cinematographic works during screenings specially organized for them in cinemas. Thanks to the pedagogical work of accompaniment conducted by the teachers and the cultural partners, they constitute the bases of a film culture.

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A question?

If you have any questions about "Collège au cinéma", please contact Yves LE PANNERER, Advisor for Cinema, Audiovisual and Digital at DRAC Nouvelle Aquitaine, by e-mail at:


The submission for the year 2023 is now complete.