Within the framework of policies for the democratization of culture and the development of the public, youth training and policies for arts and cultural education and media and information education, The Normandy Regional Cultural Affairs Directorate and its partners are launching this call for projects.

Presentation of the device

What is the Residencies of Artists in Schools in Normandy?

Within the framework of the national plan for arts and cultural education and policies of democratization of access to culture, development and training of the public, the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of Normandy, the Rectorate of the Academy of Normandy, the Directorates of the Departmental Services of National Education, and the Regional Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Forest of Normandy, in partnership with the Departments launch a call for projects for the establishment of artist-residency twinning in schools, schools, higher education or training bodies, acting on school time.

It offers to all schools of the academy of Normandy as well as to institutions of higher education and other institutions (CFA, ...), the possibility of welcoming artists, cultural professionals in residence over a school year and initiating artistic actions radiating on the school year and on a wider educational community.

New for 2023-2024

It is proposed, on an experimental basis, to associate more closely the arts and cultural education project with the artists' creation project, by offering the possibility for artists to receive in addition a grant for time dedicated to their creation, thus increasing the time of presence in the establishment by a minimum of one week.

The solicitation of this grant will be conditional on:

  • The development of an artistic memorandum of intent for this creation.
  • The explanation of the link between the creative project and the arts and cultural education project.
  • An explanation of how these creative times are to be shared with students and the educational community.
  • The designation by the establishment of a place made available for that time of creation.
  • The one-week mark-up of the artistic presence in the establishment.

The project must be the subject of a restitution by the public concerned and be valued, possibly on digital media (blog, site, mobile application, online edition, sheet on a dedicated portal).

Objectives of the approach

The call for projects Artist Residencies in Normandy aims to:

  • Welcoming artists in residence for cultural action,
  • Promote the meeting with artists, cultural professionals, and diverse artistic practices,
  • Mobilize regional cultural institutions, artists and cultural professionals in mediation actions, particularly for the experimentation of innovative forms,
  • To promote cultural openness, artistic and cultural education and discovery of the creative process,
  • Encourage people to visit the territory’s places of artistic and heritage creation and dissemination.


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Examples of projects previously supported

You will find on this page examples of achievements supported under this call for projects.

You can also consult the 2023 decision statement of this call for projects:

Relevé de décisions 2023.pdf

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A question?

If you have any questions about student residencies in Normandy, please contact DRAC Normandie:

Cultural and territorial action pole
02 32 10 71 00/ 07 60 55 12 18
13 bis rue Saint-Ouen, 14052 Caen Cedex 4 

The submission for the year 2023 has been completed. 


Documents to download and/or consult

Cahier des charges 2023.pdf

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