Organised every year in September and distributed in more than 50 countries, the European Heritage Days (JEP) are intended to introduce the most diverse audiences to the culture and wealth of the territories. The Ministry of Culture allocates a grant to project promoters helping to develop public knowledge and appetite for the heritage of French territories in all its forms.

Presentation of the device

What are European Heritage Days?

The European Heritage Days are the main annual event to discover Mayotte through its monuments, sites and traditions. Those involved in the preservation and enhancement of heritage are invited to present projects to make it live to the full during these three days, through visits, exhibitions, animations. They are an opportunity to make the widest public aware of the local cultural heritage in all its diversity: museums, ecomuseums, monuments, archaeological sites, intangible cultural heritage...

The approach consists of submitting a cultural heritage project focused on the weekend of the JEP and the Friday preceding it, specifically dedicated to school students as part of the "Raise your eyes!". The Ministry of Culture intends to make these days the great annual event where the actors of the heritage present their approach, open the doors of the monuments and sites to the widest public, and thus allow everyone to rediscover the cultural riches, at local, national and European level.

The whole cultural heritage is concerned: civil and religious buildings, historical sites or memorials, regional languages, traditions, know-how, traditional knowledge, music, singing, dance, live performance, literature, aspects of the matrimoine, etc.

The applicants, based in Mayotte, present their animation and enhancement project. An operating grant of up to EUR may thus be granted. Their actions will be enhanced by the communication tools implemented by DAC Mayotte and the ministry.

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Objectives of the approach

The call for projects aims to support projects that:

  • Guarantee the right of access to cultural heritage for all audiences, while respecting their diversity
  • Implement means to promote public access
  • Develop knowledge and interest in territorial heritage through the meeting between the public and the material and intangible elements of this heritage, through the implementation of appropriate means and tools of mediation and the mobilization of cultural actors (memory carriers, associations, professionals, artists)
  • Participate in the development of the public and the development of a sustainable policy of preservation and valorization of the heritage at the local level
  • Develop and strengthen the networking of local heritage stakeholders and local cultural institutions (museums, ecomuseums, cultural centres, craft houses, associations, media centres, libraries, etc.)

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Examples of projects previously supported

A question?

If you have any questions about the European Heritage Days (JEP) in Mayotte, please contact:

Direction des Affaires Culturelles (DAC) de Mayotte
63 966 5629
BP676 97600 Mamoudzou