With a real local cultural offer, Micro-Funds are a prime opportunity for local authorities.

That the Micro-Funds, these cultural platforms serving the territories that were initiated by the Ministry of Culture and by La Villette, to be given such a spotlight is also a no-brainer as these have been established since their launch in 2017. « The heart of Micro-Food is its digital museum », explains Noémie Guez, Operational Manager of Micro-Funds, in charge of deployment for the Centre - Val de Loire region.

Twelve partner institutions – including the Centre Pompidou, the Château de Versailles and the Philharmonie de Paris – have digitized their collections from the outset. Today there are 120. “ More than 3000 masterpieces are accessible, the latest collection is that of the European Union », rejoices Noémie Guez. A digital museum complemented by a virtual reality module, a Fab Lab, according to the desires and possibilities of each person. Micro-Funds are variable geometry », continues Noémie Guez, stressing their modularity. Another advantage: they can be installed everywhere, and if libraries and media libraries remain their main hosts, there are also unusual places such as this boat in the Ponant Islands ».  

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“A museum at the foot of buildings”

« Micro-Funds are part of the objective of cultural democratization, they seek audiences far from culture thanks to their innovative character, says Benoît Lecerf, Cinema, Image and Digital Uses Advisor at the Drac Centre-Val de Loire, two conditions for their success: the venue must be complementary to existing venues and mediation must be the subject of the greatest attention The Drac, through their role “ expertise, advice and support for cultural programming, particularly for the enrichment of collections are involved in structuring the network. In Centre-Val de Loire, a specific call for projects has recently made it possible to accompany twelve new Micro-Funds.

Illustration of this success with a Micro-Food « exemplary In this city of 30,000 inhabitants, 40% of whom are under the age of 30, the Micro-Fund is the located in one of the four priority neighbourhoodsexplains Fouzia Kamal, deputy mayor in charge of culture, heritage and tourism, it carries a real offer of local culture It owes much to the skills mobilized: Five people are entirely dedicated to Micro-Food ” adds Fouzia Kamal. The chosen one is no mystery. “ If municipalities want their Micro-Funds to be a success, they must In Dreux, the Micro-Fund’s budget for a full year is 240,000 euros. ' We have an infinite museum at the foot of buildings. What satisfaction also to see the arrival of young people developing a personal project within the Micro-Fund, or those mothers of families who, in a perspective of return to employment, are introduced to these new technologies », says Fouzia Kamal. The Micro-Folie welcomes 4000 visitors every year. By 2023, the target of 500 Micro-Funds across the country will be reached, promises Noémie Guez.