On the occasion of the presentation of budget 2023, the Minister of Culture announced the renewal of New Worlds, the program to support creation, until 2025. Explanations

« With New Worlds, we look at support for creation from another angle ». On the occasion of the Introduction of the 2023 Finance Bill, on September 26, Rima Abdul-Malak, Minister of Culture, welcomed the success of New Worlds. And for good reason. Endowed with €30 million, this vast programLaunched in 2021 by the Ministry of Culture to revitalize the contemporary creative scene, it supports 264 creative projects from all disciplines. « The strength of this interdisciplinary device is that it starts from the dreams of the artists by encouraging them to anchor their work in a place of the territory ,” she said.

Given the success of the scheme, the Minister of Culture announced the renewal of New Worlds for a period of three years » due to « a budget of ten million per year over three years, from 2023 to 2025 ". " New Worlds is so exciting that it could not remain confined to a given period ", she concluded.

Budget 2023

Putting artists at the centre of the game

The Minister of Culture also asked Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel, member of the artistic committee that selected the projects under the chairmanship of Bernard Blistène, to take stock of the project’s progress.

It all began with an observation, she explains. At the end of the health crisis, she said: the artists had disappeared from our public places This is why, at the initiative of the President of the Republic, the Ministry of Culture has launched a call for an unprecedented event within the framework of the stimulus package. Its objective? “ Putting the artists back at the centre of the game, imagining them, in this upset moment, as scouts of our time, as guides to rethink our world ». A win-back that has a significant asset: each supported artist will be able to invest a site or a building depending on the Conservatoire du littoral or the Centre des monuments nationaux.

As a result, in the summer of 2021, 3,000 proposals, which each of them makes it their mission to reenchant the world » are addressed to the artistic committee. 264 are finally chosen. Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel quotes among others those of Félicia Atkinson, « which offers us to buy a dune on which we will only be allowed to whisper to be again listening to the rest of the world », by Mohamed El Khatib « who decides to turn an Ephad into an art center » or by Gaëlle Choisne « which tells us that at National Museum of Immigration History, we must also think of our ghosts ».

If a balance sheet were to be drawn, what would it be? « Artists are porous beings who do not care about disciplines. Dance, design, living arts, music…. New Worlds opened up to all these fields and celebrated this gathering in a fertile community ».