The session of June 9 will be devoted to the art market between France and Germany, around the book Arts et politiques. The art market between France and Germany from the interwar to the Liberation.»

The session will take place at 6.30pm at the INHA and will feature speakers Julia Drost (German Centre for Art History, Paris), Hélène Ivanoff (Georg Simmel Centre, CNRS/EHESS) and Denise Vernerey-Laplace (Georg Simmel CNRS/EHESS Centre).

They will present the book Arts and politics. The art market between France and Germany from the interwar to the Liberation, whose 15 contributions deal with transnational networks of the art market and show the political stakes and implications of commercial transactions in works of art, highlighting the complexity of the relationship between arts and politics. 

The program of this seminar is developed in collaboration with the National Institute of Art History (INHA), the Mission of Research and Restitution of Plundered Cultural Property between 1933 and 1945 (M2RS) and the National Heritage Institute (INP). It pursues the field of investigation extended to the context, meaning and consequences of the research of provenance and the restitution of works of art. This seminar is open to all.

All seminar sessions are broadcast on the INHA YouTube channel


Otto Freundlich, Composition, 1930 (detail) © Cyrille Cauvet - MACA Saint-Etienne