For 60 years, the Ministry of Culture has been protecting and enhancing heritage, promoting cultural diversity, stimulating creation, promoting access to art and culture… thanks to the commitment, the many talents and the constant inventiveness of its agents.

This special issue of the in-house magazine Cultures is entirely devoted to the ministry’s professions. Without being exhaustive, it reflects the diversity of skills and the importance of the missions of the Ministry of Culture. This Ministry, in its central administration as well as in its regional directorates, its services with national competence and its public establishments, has the chance and the singularity to be able to count on the know-howmake our cultural policies scarce and valuable, in addition to specialized expertise and activities that are essential to the design and dissemination of our cultural policies.

By highlighting perhaps unknown professions, rich and varied career paths, this edition also reveals the deep attachment of ministry staff to culture and public service.


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My Business for Cultures n°1 – July 2019

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