Dear “my co-presidents” of the juries, dear Christian HAUVETTE, dear Pascal CRIBIER,Distinguished members of the juries,Dear Philippe BÉLAVAL,Dear Director General of Heritage,Dear Philippe BÉLAVAL,Dear Director in charge of Architecture, Dear Jean GAUTIER,Mr President of the Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine, Dear François de MAZIERES,Ladies and Gentlemen,Dear friends,

We are gathered tonight to discover, at the end of the two days of work conducted by the members of the jury of this new session, the winners of the «Albums des jeunes architectes et paysagistes».

As you know, this label was created 30 years ago and is intended, once every two years, to give all the visibility they deserve to young talents, architects or landscape designers, French or foreign. That is why my Ministry, aware of the seriousness of his disappearance, wanted to revive him.

More than just a reward, this award is recognition. It is there to designate the next generation of builders of today, the young guard who will meet the challenges of tomorrow and especially that of the quality of our living environment, including the “Greater Paris” and all the other projects that it will necessarily inspire will be, I believe it, the crucible. Responsibility, awareness but also innovation, this award aims to identify these essential qualities and to give a career that is still in its infancy, the small boost and the spotlight if not sufficient, at least necessary for its development, especially in an economic context that is not as favourable as we might wish.

I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you, or to tell you again, how important architects and architecture are to me.

I wanted to give them a special place in the new organization of my department by appointing a director specifically responsible for architecture.

Jean GAUTIER, whom most of you already know, holds this position with Philippe BELAVAL, of whom he is the deputy, in a large «Directorate General of Heritage». Both have, they know, my complete confidence.

This central place of architecture is essential for me because I am convinced, especially in view of the current changes, that the quality of our living together in space and in the City must be our priority. This is why it is crucial that architecture be a focal point of this requirement. It seems to me that the architect alone can embody the power of synthesis capable of reconciling the often competing challenges of sustainable development – issues that affect both the economy, social, environmental and, of course, cultural. We all know, in fact, the threats posed to our territories today by an urbanization that is too often anarchic, with no overall vision. It is our duty as all of us, my duty as Minister of Culture, to ensure the quality of an urban and landscape fabric that has contributed so much to the attractiveness of our territory and that guarantees a quality of life and living together that has hitherto been unique in the world.

That is why I hope that the International Workshop of Greater Paris, which was recently installed at the Palais de Tokyo and which will soon be inaugurated by the President of the Republic, will be a place of exchange and creativity open to all talents, especially young people.

That is why I am very pleased today to present this «albums» label to the young professionals you are, architects for the sixth time, joined, for three sessions now, by young landscape designers particularly promising.

This ceremony is not a «hapax», these rare words that we only encounter once in ancient texts... On the contrary, it is part of a continuous line of actions and demonstrations that affirm and confirm my commitment and that of my ministry in favor of architecture. I am thinking first of the National Grand Prix of Architecture, the winner of which I will be pleased to announce at the end of this year. I am thinking of the many “Rendez-vous du Grand Paris” that punctuated the year 2009 with conferences often stimulating in Paris and in the regions. I would also like to mention the International Architecture Biennales and especially the Venice Biennale, which we entrusted to the architect Dominique PERRAULT to curate the French pavilion, to which I awarded yesterday the “Creator without Borders 2010” prize. Finally, I want to talk about the Shanghai World Fair for which, as you know, the architect Jacques FERRIER will design the French pavilion. All this shows a continuity not only in the policy that is conducted, but also between the generations of architects and landscapers.

I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you again how important it is, in my opinion, to give to our fellow citizens, who play an important role in our daily lives, especially to our young fellow citizens, an acute and active awareness of their role in the development and development of the city of the 21st century. We are today, the Internet is a shining example of this, in a paradigm that puts everyone’s participation at the heart of everyone’s issues, especially urban issues. We are in an era of interactivity, that is, of sharing responsibilities. This is also “culture for everyone”: a culture in which “everyone carries within himself the whole form of urban condition”, to paraphrase the word MONTAIGNE.

As part of this responsibility, the President of the Republic established, in 2007, the education of culture as one of the main priorities of the educational policy of our country. Arts and cultural education is not a luxury. This is a real societal challenge that not only involves our entry into the “knowledge economy”, but also the quality of our living together, especially in the metropolises of the 21st century.

That is why I am taking advantage of the presence of young laureates to call today on the entire profession to contribute, each in its own way and with all the energy you show every day, to the cultural formation of the young citizens of tomorrow. Some students from our national architecture colleges are already engaged in this adventure. Some seasoned professionals have also taken up the challenge. The building site is immense and cannot do without any force, that is, it needs each of you.

You may think that I am like those experienced professors who deliberately postpone the distribution of copies to ensure the attention of their audience... Let me therefore, before I come to the presentation of these prizes, address a point which seems to be outside what unites us today, but which, in the end, is not at all so, and which, like I believe each of you, is particularly close to my heart.

I would like to mention the news that has tragically marked the past weeks, and I wanted to salute the remarkable action of the Foundation of Architects of Emergency in Haiti and today unfortunately also in Chile. These architects work competently, patiently and relentlessly, in the service – and in the relief – of the populations, to draw up the health check of the buildings, to elaborate projects to help the reconstruction of hospitals, schools or housing… This is also the social stake, the human and moral stake in architecture, the humanist dimension that is the foundation of this profession.

I would like to once again commend the commitment of Patrick COULOMBEL, President of the Fondation des architectes de l'urgence, who was to be part of this jury of Albums des Jeunes architectes, but which events have led to this very moment in Chile. He is represented here by Mr JUSTIN, architect and member of this Foundation which I want to assure once again of my support.

Let’s now turn to our «copies», or rather to our «albums». Let us first return to the juries that met yesterday and today under the chairmanship of Pascal CRIBIER for young landscapers, and Christian HAUVETTE, national grand prix of architecture, for young architects, as well as Jean GAUTIER. They reviewed no fewer than 216 architectural and 18 landscape applications. I was in the deliberation room earlier, and I was able to see how rigorously and enthusiastically the members of the jury were committed to this difficult selection of all these talents.

I would also like to thank the 100 or so experts who have devoted valuable time to reviewing candidates' files in advance of the jury, in order to ensure perfect fairness.

The winners whose names I will announce in a few moments, are 15 in number, 12 young architects and 3 young landscapers. Their work will be presented, starting June 10, at the Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine, an essential partner of AJAP (albums of young architects and landscape architects). In October, the exhibition will be travelling in France, and beyond our borders, thanks to the double partnership of the services of the Ministry of Culture and Communication with the Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine, as well as with the agency CulturesFrance.

I am sure that the young talents rewarded today will benefit from the support of the Sponsorship Circle, whose members I greet here present, to fully integrate themselves into the life of contemporary architecture and landscape design.

I would also like to express to those who have made the bold choice of confrontation, and whose names will not be on the list drawn up by the juries, all my sympathy and warm encouragement for the rest of their journey. To compete is to already witness to his courage, his involvement, and the love that one has for his profession. To the winners we will soon know, I offer my sincere congratulations and best wishes for this to be only the first chapter, and for them to write many more beautiful pages in the albums of architecture and landscape of tomorrow.

After the «declamation», now (finally!) place the proclamation!

I now call the winners of this 2009-2010 session and invite you to join me:

12 teams of architects:






Stéphane MALKA

NP2F / François CHAS, Nicolas GUERIN, Fabrice LONG and Paul MAÎTRE-DEVALLON




Stéphanie VINCENT

Emmanuelle WEISS

3 teams of landscapers: