Dear Bruno Ory-Lavollée,

I am pleased today to pay tribute today in the
Ministry of Culture and Communication trade shows, at a large
servant of the state.

Graduate of the Paris Institute of Political Studies, HEC and ENA
(Leonardo da Vinci promotion, 1985), your first management position in
Culture was the Director General of the Centre Pompidou.

In your remarkable journey, I would like to emphasize one point: you
will have grasped very early, more than anyone, the logic of the networks
the challenges of their operation, the impact of these digital
on our real world. In your own words, we are
today in a society of networks, where everyone is not only
receiver, but also the author of information he disseminates, where the
communication is made up of these information flows continuously

While directing the Comédie Française in May 2001, you are
under the leadership of Catherine Tasca, an important reflection on
the provision of public data on networks
essential”. You very quickly form a
limited pilotage that will help you submit your report on
«the digital diffusion of heritage, a policy dimension
Some of your recommendations were then very
rapidly implemented, notably through the creation of the portal .

In 2004, you became Senior Adviser at the Court of Auditors. You
are then placed on standby to perform the duties of director
General Civil Society for the Administration of Artists' Rights,
musicians and performers (ADAMI). Until September 2008, you
represent the company in all its actions towards third parties and
and you initiate any legal action both in demand and in
defence concerning the company or the rights of which it has a statutory

In addition to your duties as manager of ADAMI, Jean-François Hebert,
then Director of Cabinet of the Ministry of Culture and
Communication, entrusts you in 2008 the co-chairing, with the secretary
General Guillaume Boudy, of a working group bringing together
representatives of the directorates and the main public institutions
holders of funds, as well as qualified personalities (Authority of the
Competition, Commission for access to administrative documents, Council
superior of literary and artistic property...), in the presence of members
of Cabinet. Six years after your first report, you will
to give a precious continuity to your reflection on digital.

It is with this same sense of commitment to the policy
digital cultural that you want to fully ensure the co-chairing
of this high-level working group, despite your
important professional responsibilities.

This mission, strategic and technical, called for a
fine knowledge of these issues. Once again, you knew
to combine them with an exemplary sense of openness, indispensable in view of
the variety of actors involved. With your ability to bring people together, you
have thus been able to persuade eminent members of public institutions
join you on the steering committee. You have brought the
wealth of experience in the selection of auditions by the
working group.

At the end of this important work of reflection and consultation, you have
delivered on July 9, 2009 your second report entitled Sharing our
cultural heritage. Proposals for a charter of dissemination and
reuse of digital cultural public data”. It provides a
a remarkable synthesis of the main principles of our policies
digital dissemination of public cultural content and tools
operational to provide a rapid, legal and homogeneous response
according to sectors, types of use and reuse modes, in
promoting the recovery of digital content by companies
private, private or other public institutions. These
recommendations are at the heart of the stated policy issues
in the mission letter sent by the President of the Republic and the
Prime Minister to my predecessor Christine Albanel; they allow
position our Department within a government policy of the
and adapt its traditional missions to current media.

You carry out your duties to the full, where
your skills and your taste for culture allow you to
with efficiency and success the challenges of heavy and complex construction sites, while
driving teams with great conviction and enthusiasm

You also participated in the strategic and forward thinking
Culture & Media 2020, led by the General Secretariat of the Ministry. This
large-scale exercise, the findings of which will be
following an unprecedented foresight exercise led by
the Department of Studies, Foresight and Statistics
Department, has explored the possible future of our policies
to better identify the issues on which they
future, anticipating their evolution. This concern for the
foresight and reflection that must feed public decision-making,
I know he’s also yours as vice-chair of the board
minister of studies.

In 2011, the Foundation for the
Chantilly welcomes you as new director, and your
For many, this is good news. The
in 2005 at the generous initiative of the Aga Khan, needed to find a
second breath between the management of the castle, its park and its gardens,
the continuation of the important renovation work, and the Grandes Ecuries
which house the living museum of the horse. With your strategic plan and your
ability to identify margins of progress, you will continue the
work undertaken by Danièle Clergeot who had begun to relaunch the
and I have no doubt that you will give back,
with the support of your deputy François Belfort, all his brilliance
private domain of France, owned by the Institut de France – all in
remaining faithful to the will of the Duke of Aumale to preserve the spirit of the place.

Bruno Ory-Lavollée, many of you know, is also a
excellent pianist, trained in Paris at the Alfred Normal School of Music
Cortot: you were a finalist in the International Grand Prix
Piano lovers in 1997. Your passion for music had you
pushed in 1993 to create in Compiègne, your hometown, the Festival of
forests. You continue to volunteer as President of this beautiful
classical music festival.

As a committed man, rigorous and resolutely anchored in his time, you
have always been at the service of the same requirement, that of the future of the
culture. Great servant of the Ministry of Culture and Communication,
you bring him the charm of your personality, your strength of character
and your knowledge.

Dear Bruno Ory-Lavollée, on behalf of the French Republic,
let us make Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters.