Dear National Furniture and Manufactures Administrator, CherBernard SCHOTTER,Dear Friends,Dear National Furniture and Manufactures Administrator, CherBernard SCHOTTER,Dear Friends,

On the occasion of this magnificent «fall of trade» to which we
attended earlier, I wanted to tell you the essential importance that
I grant to crafts. I wish to show you the threads of silk, gold or
of money that I wished to bring to the device of the Masters of Art, and you
explain the new relationships we are building with the
State Secretariat for Crafts of Hervé NOVELLI.
Prime Minister François FILLON very clearly set the goal on the 19th
last October, at the presentation of Senator Catherine’s report
DUMAS on crafts: training journeypersons and craftsmen
art of the 21st century”. It is to this requirement that I have had at heart
respond to.
I first wished that the title of «Master of art» be henceforth
each year, and no longer every two years. Then, I wanted to
consideration of each of the 217 trades recognized since 2003
by the texts like «art crafts», so much so that now, the straighteners,
but also calligraphers, stonemasons, glass spinners, the
art mirrors, instrument factors or even watchmakers can
benefit from this distinction.
To project themselves into the 21st century and renew themselves, these trades
of excellence obviously need to be also ensured a
of the techniques behind them. That is why I have
wanted each art master to have, from now on, the possibility to train
successively several students, and no longer one as was the case
since 1994: to perpetuate and reinvent know-how
and talents as rare as they are precious.
To exist fully, we must also be fully visible. For these
new provisions can be disseminated in our regions, I recently
asked the Regional Directors of Cultural Affairs (our DRAC) to
within their directorates, to solicit correspondents who can
make each of our fellow citizens aware of these trades, and of those who
practice and perpetuate them.
In order to gain visibility and efficiency, the
representative structures. That is why I insisted that the
crafts – of which I am the President of – be reformed and
This advisory body will see the number of its members
reduced to 20 people, which will make its operation more flexible, and
regular meetings will allow these representatives to be fully
involved. Restructured, the commissions from the Council will be better
to meet the expectations of professionals, and to enhance their
in France and abroad.

We finally had to gather our forces, those of the Ministry of Culture
and Communication, and those of the State Secretariat responsible,
and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. This is
for this reason we have just created, in perfect agreement with my
colleague Hervé NOVELLI, the Institut National des Métiers d'Art (INMA), a
new interdepartmental tool that will fulfill a threefold function:
First, it will provide better knowledge and recognition
crafts, as well as each other’s know-how. He
promote its development and dissemination, not only among
professionals, but also the general public and, of course, school students,
in which, I am sure, he will be able to
Second – and this is also crucial – the National Institute will
to animate craft networks throughout our territory, in
bringing together all the actors. The Journées des Métiers d'Art, which
2011, will take place every first weekend of April, will constitute a great
an essential place for dialogue, meeting and exchange.
Finally, this dissemination and networking will promote the essential
interdisciplinarity which, by bringing these professions together, will contribute to the
to renew in depth, to bring forth new ideas and new forms.
The exploration of new fields of innovation in the fields of
visual arts, design and fashion, will bring new creators,
new artists, new designers, to share their
experiences and their projects with all those who have in common,
to use the beautiful expression of Liliane BETTENCOURT,
“the intelligence of the hand”.
Crucible and mirror of our know-how and our creation, crafts
today, thanks to these reforms, are experiencing a new boom, and
are preparing to write a new chapter in their history. Thus, this
“fallen off the job” which brought us together this morning and which, in my opinion,
perfectly symbolizes these new challenges and challenges, is
also the opportunity to reaffirm that the public authorities, and in particular
the Ministry of Culture and Communication, are fully
to guarantee the "next generation", in these trades of
tradition and future, which are essential to the vitality of our culture.
Thank you.