Presidents, Dear Marie-Françoise Marais, Dear Emmannuel Hoog, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends,

Just a month ago, I hosted the trade fair
on the occasion of the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on
transparency in the film industry, concluding more than two
years of negotiation.
I am glad that the music industry was quicker to find a
consensus and that, less than a year after the launch of the mediation
entrusted to Emmanuel Hoog, we are gathered today for the
signature of these 13 commitments for online music.
I am aware of everyone’s efforts, patience and
We have to make the concessions that were necessary to get to this point.
I pay tribute to the spirit of responsibility of all professionals
signatories, who have been able, beyond differences, to work for the interest
general of the industry. As Marcus Agrippa wisely says, in
evoking the Fortuna, that is to say the fate to come: Concord is increasing
small fortunes, discord ruin the greatest».
I would also like to warmly thank Emmanuel Hoog, who
guide the protagonists of mediation in the search for
compromise and balance, supported here by management teams
Media and Cultural Industries and the General Secretariat.
His determination and skill were very precious to us.
These 13 commitments represent a step forward for the
development of online music, in the form of
concrete immediately applicable.
A major step forward in access to publishers' rights
online music services, which will benefit from more stable conditions,
more balanced, and more transparent, particularly with respect to
general sales conditions, advance mechanisms and minima
A decisive step forward also for rights holders, notably in
through commitments made regarding remuneration for artists
and transparency in the application of the
Report on online music operations.
An essential step forward, finally, in the current context,
marked by the painful transformation of the music industry,
that we will debate in a few days in Midem. I am convinced that
effect that only a collective mobilization of the sector – this united front for the
music that you have been able to create – will allow us to
innovative and attractive online music services
growth of the music market. This is how we will
to preserve and increase the value of music on the internet, through
sustainable economic models guaranteeing the sustainable financing of the
You have understood, the success of this collective approach, unprecedented in
the music industry, legitimate and strengthens the public authorities in their
efforts to defend and consolidate tools to support the sector,
including the IFCIC Music Industries Advance Fund, the
and music card for young people. This success
to promote at European level, through
the mission entrusted by the President of the Republic to Jacques Toubon,
the idea of a reduced VAT rate, particularly for online
I am also pleased that in the framework of its action to encourage
development of the legal offer, the High Authority for the
works and the protection of rights on the Internet (Hadopi) has accepted the
mission, which is so important, to monitor and facilitate
agreement, including the Ministry of Culture and Communication
will be the guarantor.
These 13 commitments mark the culmination of a reflection launched by
the report by Messrs. Zelnik, Toubon and Cerutti on the management of the rights of the
online music. They are the indispensable foundation allowing us
start a new round of consultations and proposals with a view to
including the creation of a support tool for the sector in all
its components.
I’ll meet you at the Midem to talk about the construction sites
we must now open up. There is no shortage of these projects; I intend to
make them open quickly.
There are perfect chords in music. In the professional and
I would speak more modestly of an agreement that
that will allow us to go further, in the general interest of
the music industry.
I will be at your side, alongside the creators, the composers, the
performers, but also alongside the music industry, which is one of the
tools to defend this value that brings us together, I want to talk about the
“cultural diversity”.
Thank you.