Dear Guy Seligmann, President of Société Civile des Auteurs Multimédias (SCAM),Ladies and Gentlemen,Dear Friends,

The documentary truth holds in this gesture, it is the truth of cinema
Art of revealing what no one had yet perceived, an expression of the
a particular relationship between a filmmaker and the world, not the world as it is
is, but as it is always to be constituted, from oneself, as one
see, as we see ourselves. In this sense, documentary cinema is a
of the world, the exercise of a gaze turned gesture, and the resulting films
are therefore those who are watching us.” That’s how the
cinema Patrick Leboutte, professor in Brussels, defines the documentary.

This is the concept which I know you are defending, with a requirement and

Copyright collection and distribution societies are in
effect the watchmen of creation, the guardians of this memory, without
which Culture would be pure entertainment and audiovisual Creation
an industry without added value. Discuss, collect, distribute rights
future rights – those of presentation as
those of reproduction - it’s your everyday fight, it’s your
daily battle. For 30 years, I know, the Civil Society of Authors
Multimedia (SCAM) works tirelessly for the preservation of
cultural expressions and their diversity in the field of
the audiovisual.

Created under the impetus of Charles Brabant, it fulfils a double mission
: an essential mission for the management and distribution of
representation and reproduction of the works of its members, including
protects and defends interests with vigilance; but also a mission of
promotion of radio, television and creative works.

Having been a SCAM administrator myself, I know how much these
tasks are complex in a now digital world, in a
environment marked by the generalization of the internet. Rich of 28,000
directors, interview writers, writers, translators, journalists,
photographers, the SCAM is at the forefront of this
the creation and fight for cultural diversity, alongside
other professional bodies, in support of the
intellectual and artistic property (CSPLA), without forgetting the challenges of
solidarity linked to the authors' social security.

The SCAM is celebrating its 30th anniversary today by organizing a
deliciously mischievous title: «Writers of view». It will be
dedicated to the place of the author in today’s society: the digitization of
the entire media sector is changing the contours
traditional notions of works and authors. Information sites
or software to rework sounds and images
require increased attention around these issues, and the integrity of
works. All the action I conduct to guarantee the rights of
authors and creators – I am thinking in particular of the Hadopi law – in this
new context is in line with the long-term objectives
date by the SCAM.

In this context of profound change, I hoped that a
the role of documentary in the new offering of
content and programs. Documentary is the nobility of the
television, it is a major genre that offers a look and a
intelligence of the world. The documentary is based on the mission
information, education and openness, which is that of the media
I know you are very attached to this mission.

With the development of an evening opening party offer on the
TV channels – especially on the public service – but also with
the appearance of «incarnate» documentaries, or with the multiplication
of documentary fiction, the creative documentary remains essentially
broadcast at late hours, in small numbers and often on
channels without any real financial means. That’s why I wanted to entrust
Catherine Lamour, Serge Gordey, Jacques Perrin and Carlos Pinsky, a
study and reflection on creative documentary. This
mission will have to examine the production conditions, the
conditions for the financing of writing, but also on the
when new media appear, but also
new services – catch-up television, video on demand. In this
new landscape, I believe it is necessary to rebuild the relations between
authors, producers and broadcasters.

At the time of the digital revolution, at the time of this society of
screens» where the notion of author is questioned when it is not all
simply denied or ignored - because of the possibility of
duplicate and reproduce audiovisual content - I believe necessary
the authors' imprescriptible and irreducible rights. This
advocacy in favour of copyright, I bring it to Brussels
European partners and in my travels. This advocacy is
precisely what I reminded the major players of the Internet to
the occasion of the G8 of the internet, evoking the shared responsibilities
and the duties incumbent upon them in respect of creators
images and sounds. Because their presence is global, their
responsibility must be fair and shared. The future and
renewal of creation, cultural diversity, cultural
“cultural model” that is neither obsolete nor outdated, but has all its
relevance while standardized productions flourish,
standardized, not to say sanitized. This model consists of
precisely to defend a certain idea of the image and audiovisual in
Europe today. This model, it brings us together
forces us so much the revolution of formats is also a revolution of law
and rights, which needs our full attention. I know that you are
fully aware; know that on this point my ministry and
services are heavily mobilized.

I would therefore like to thank Guy Seligmann, President of the SCAM, for his
tireless dedication to the cause of authors and to the collective challenges of
the company he drives with passion, intelligence and vigilance. I
thank you for the opportunity to speak to you, as I am
carries this requirement of authenticity and creation through my past activity
and my audiovisual productions.

30 years is the age of maturity and the first balance sheets, it is also the age
of all possibilities for a Society of Authors which I know is
placed at the heart of the challenges of the new media economy, a
a society whose ability to identify works, to protect them,
but also to promote young authors and the most beautiful writings,
those that do not record reality but reveal an eye, a point of view,
in other words what the Cannes Film Festival calls a
certain look».