Tribute by Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, to Paulette Dubost

Paulette Dubost has just passed away at the age of 100. We are already missing the woman who wrote in her memoirs “life is short!” She was the memory of our cinema, one of the earliest of our artists as well, since she entered the Opera as a «little rat» at the age of 7.

We will then see Paulette Dubost try herself, with much happiness, in the operetta and the theatre. But it is really on the big screen that she will give her full measure. To evoke his filmography is to shoot countless beautiful pages of the great shootings of French cinema: Hôtel du nord, by Marcel Carné, La règle du jeu, by Jean Renoir, Lola Montès, by Max Ophüls…

With the development of television, it will also naturally become one of those familiar figures that the French liked to find on the small screen. His taste, his humour, his mischievous smile, his generosity had earned him to be and remain until the end of his long and beautiful life one of our most popular actresses, one of those who arouse genuine affection among the most varied audiences.