Tribute by Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, to Claude Tchou

Of Belgian and Chinese descent, Claude Tchou felt French and
but his homeland was first and foremost that of book lovers and
of publishing.
He was a man of great originality, of great freedom of style
and tone, an extraordinary editor who will have marked the history of his
profession of a particular imprint. For all enthusiasts
of literature, poetry and rare texts, his name will remain bound of course
published by Tchou but also at the famous Club du livre du Mois, which he
had created at the very beginning of the fifties.
His catalogue was in his image: bold and demanding, diverse and
a fascinating eclecticism like life. He published only the
books that he loved. Not found, unknown and unknown,
but also the great classics that he helped us rediscover in
the full extent of their genius. Thanks to him, reading became a