Tribute by Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, to Anthony Rowley

Anthony Rowley leaves us abruptly and prematurely, while he leaves us
prepared the rest of its World History of the
Its courses in economic history and the history of Europe, its epicureanism
the delight of his Sciences Po students. So many authors have
due to his flair, his generous friendship, to be published.

He was walking on history with a look of total freedom, which will have
discipline for a long time and leaves us remarkable works (And if we
was rewriting history?”, “20th century history”). As a history editor too
- he was literary director at Perrin, then Fayard - he knew how to create complicity
intellectual and historian, notably with Michel Winock, Jean-Pierre Rioux
or Fabrice d'Almeida. I pay tribute to a talented personality
for whom the appetite for knowledge and gastronomy were the key to happiness.