With Willy Ronis, one of the greatest masters of photography, great artist of the twentieth century, has left us.

This representative of the humanist school, this committed man, who, in 1983, had the generosity to leave his work to the French State, did even more: he fixed, for each of us, the poetry of our daily life and saved it from lost time. This immense narrator gave us this gift that will last forever.

The son of a refugee and an ideal Parisian boy, he had a tender gaze for a whole century on existences whose fleeting grace he knew how to capture and immortalize. He gave our lives this bright mirror. He knew how to make photography a popular art.

Willy Ronis remained loyal to his agency, Rapho, until the time of his departure. At a time when photojournalism is confronted with the great changes in society, this fidelity is a symbol and an example.