A big name in the comic book, Alix’s father, just left us. Jacques Martin, the creator of the young Roman whose adventures made so many young and old dream, was a cartoonist whose evocative power was coupled with an extraordinary sense of narrative.

He will also remain as the inventor of a genre: the historical comic book.
Through him, generations have learned to love and immerse themselves in history: the
Caesar’s Rome with Alix, the Hundred Years' War with Jhen, the First Empire
with Arno, but also the news with the journalist’s hectic investigations
Guy Lefranc, kind of 20th century Alix. With a rare sense of sharing and
the exchange, he knew how to combine his talents with those of other designers
which he then became the writer.
This great lover of history had long since entered that of the
alongside the great figures of the School of Brussels, the
masters of the clear line, Edgar P. Jacobs and, of course, Hergé. He gave
life to wonderful heroes, who will long captivate us.
For young authors and illustrators who embark on the demanding
Jacques Martin has always been a role model.
For everyone, he will remain a master.