With Bernard Giraudeau, a great actor disappears prematurely, one who, by their personality, strength, look and voice, leaves their mark on our memory. He had the good fortune to start with Jean Gabin, in "Two Men in the City", then to detour with the greatest directors and finally to go behind the camera, to make films inspired by his taste for travel, of adventure and his passion for Africa, including the magnificent "Caprices d'un fleuve".

Talented novelist, poet of the great sea, who knew how to share his
love of the sea, Bernard Giraudeau, was also a man of heart and
character. He reacted and fought with courage and determination
really admirable, from the first attacks of the disease that had it
reached in the prime of life. It is also with great generosity that he
wanted to build on his reputation and give a lot of his time
to help, to encourage, to give hope to all the anonymous people who, like him,
were or had been touched in their flesh.
Today all my thoughts go to his family whose only brutal end
imposed by his illness may have separated them.