Alain Crombecque has left us.For him, everything starts at the Festival d'Automne, where Michel Guy gives him the opportunity to be the press officer of the grandemanifestation he has just created. Very quickly, Alain Crombecquebecomes one of the most talented, recognized and sought-after artistic programmers.

Patrice Chéreau calls him at the Théâtre des
Amandiers de Nanterre. He is commissioned for the Festival de
Theatre de Nancy, and in 1985 he became artistic director of the
Festival d'Avignon. From Mahabharata to L'Opéra de quat' under this
through Le Soulier de Satin, it was at the heart of the
the most significant theatrical adventures of our time.
Man deeply convinced that beauty is capable of
touch each of us, Alain Crombecque leaves us
during the Festival of which he had become general manager and where
it had all begun.
Through his visionary audacity put at the service of the public, he will remain
for all the very incarnation of “culture for each one”.