«Festivals and Exhibitions»27th editionThe Summer Cultural Guide of the Ministry of Culture and Communication

The 27th edition of the summer cultural guide Festivals and exhibitions, France
2010» produced by the Ministry of Culture and Communication

This 624-page reference book presents some 10,000
cultural events throughout France (festivals, shows
exhibitions, conferences, workshops, etc.).

This information, grouped by regions, departments and cities, is
easily accessible through the five indexes (geographical and thematic).
Designed as a directory, the guide is simple to use. Each
provides a comprehensive indication of the detailed programmes with
dates, times, descriptions, addresses, telephone numbers and sites

Find the content of the guide as well as the presentation of many others
cultural events on the Ministry of Culture and
Communication: www.culture.fr

The guide (10 euros) is available from:
Teamaël – development and promotion of Culture Guides
20bis rue Louis-Philippe – 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine
Tel. 09 51 09 15 19 - Fax: 01 39 18 15 13
commande@guides-culture.fr – www.guides-culture.fr

The guide is also on sale at the Place Colette booth, Paris 1st –
in front of the Comédie française –, and at the Sablons in Neuilly-sur-Seine
(see www.guides-culture.fr for other outlets).

The next departmental guide “La saison culturelle” will be published on
month of November 2010.