On January 13, 2011, Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, installed the Scientific Steering Committee of the Maison de l'histoire de France, asking it to elaborate the project of this new institution, “a cultural institution whose purpose is to present to the widest possible audience, in various and evolving forms, the relationship that the French and all those who live in France – in mainland France and overseas – have maintained and maintain with history, but also with the memoirs, Heritage and Culture”.

After a six-month period of work, on 16 June 2011, the Committee issued a “preliminary draft”,
that he wanted to submit to a wide consultation. This consultation was done by the
through a posting on the website of the Maison de l'histoire de France
(www.maison-histoire.fr) by nominative distribution to a large sample
(1,500 people) qualified personalities from the cultural and scientific world, and
through the organisation of fifteen regional and professional meetings.

The Scientific Steering Committee received opinions and suggestions, including
he fed to write the text of the final project of the House of History of
France, presented today by Jean-Pierre Rioux, Chairman of the Committee, to Frédéric

This project recommends the establishment of a Maison de l'histoire de France
digital to meet the historiographic and technological challenges of the 21st century
century; the opening of a permanent and evolutionary time gallery, which tells
the history of France from its origins to the present day; the regular organization of exhibitions
temporary questions of history; proposals of major themes and subjects
history of France, treated throughout the Maison’s network; a
the permanent exploitation of historical research;
regional, national and international partnerships; welcoming all audiences.

The text of this project will be made public and distributed in the next few days.

While the public establishment «Maison de l'histoire de la France» was created on
January 1, 2012, on the website of Rohan and Soubise hotels, and that a president,
Maryvonne de Saint Pulgent, was appointed Minister Frédéric Mitterrand
of Culture and Communication, welcomes the delivery of this project, which
constitutes the essential roadmap for the good progress and development
of the House. He also pays tribute to the memory of Anthony Rowley, member
of the Scientific Steering Committee, who died brutally on 26 October.