Jacques Renard presented to the Director General of Artistic Creation the report commissioned in April 2011 on the situation of ticketing in France and the illicit phenomena that affect the second market of ticketing for live shows.

The legal framework in force, constituted by a law of 1919, is in fact
has become unsuited to exercise market control under conditions
effective security and transparency.

At the end of a wide-ranging consultation with professionals, he was able to
Jacques Renard has formulated a number of

The report calls for legislative action to create a
new legal framework to ensure consumer protection,
ensure that artistic and cultural diversity is maintained, and that
interests of professionals, including the rights of artists and authors.

Jacques Renard also proposes to accompany this legislative component with a
dialogue between the various stakeholders in the
box office, which could lead to a guide to good practice or
a charter comprising a series of reciprocal commitments relating to a
better functioning of the «first market», to the modes of operation
exchange platforms, the traceability of banknotes, or
a shared monitoring system and an information campaign
destination for the general public.

The report is available on the Ministry of Culture and