Launch of the call for projects “Digital content technologies”

Frédéric MITTERRAND, Minister for Culture and Communication, Eric BESSON,
Minister for Industry, Energy and Digital Economy and René RICOL
Commissioner General for Investment launch second call for projects
“Digital Content Technologies”, dedicated to the digitalization and enhancement of
cultural, scientific and educational content.

This call for projects aims to support research and development projects in the
production, management and exploitation of digital content, particularly in the
audiovisual, film, publishing, music, architectural heritage and
urban, photography, press, video games. It has an estimated budget of 40
million euros.

The content industries have undergone a profound change in recent years. The use of
digital and dematerialisation is becoming more widespread for all production processes
the dissemination.

In this context, the call aims to support cooperation between suppliers of
content and, on the other hand, the actors, companies or research organizations, developing
new technologies and solutions for digital content. It follows the first call
«Technologies for digitizing cultural, scientific and educational content», closed on 31 March

This call for projects is part of the support of the Future Investments Programme for
innovative new uses, services and digital content implemented through the Fund
for the Digital Society (FSN). More than 15 calls for projects dedicated to the flagship sectors of the
digital (cloud-computing, e-Education, e-Health, nanoelectronics, embedded software, etc.) have
already launched and an investment fund dedicated to digital SMEs with 400
million euros.

Records are to be filed online by 12:00 p.m. on or before February 29, 2012, at the following address:

The first projects will be selected in April 2012.

To download the call for projects:

To learn more about future investments, visit:

The National Fund for the Digital Society (FSN)
The FSN is endowed with €4.25 billion from the “development of the digital economy” programme
future investments:
- €2 billion is dedicated to support the deployment of new ultra-high-speed networks on
the entire national territory (excluding very dense areas);
- €2.25 billion to support the development of new uses, services and
innovative digital content (including €1.4 billion in direct investment in digital
French companies and 850 million euros of aid for R&D or the development of uses).