Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, creates a Mission of Photography.

In keeping with the policy of the Ministry which has always supported the
photography with skills and means that have enabled
develop conservation but also support the creation of this sector
major art, Frédéric Mitterrand wished that his services could
have a more comprehensive and coherent approach to this area, at a time when
where technological developments affect production processes
like those of diffusion. Photography is not only a
artistic discipline, it is also a mode of expression and a
memory transmission tool.
Daniel Barroy*, head of the photography mission will be assisted by
Manuel Bamberger*, Project Director, will work to:
strengthen and improve conservation and dissemination policies
find appropriate responses to the preservation and transmission of
photographic collections threatened with disappearance or dispersion
ensure the widest possible distribution of the wealth of funds
reflect with all the actors concerned in order to adapt the action
technical and economic changes in the sector and its
propose work lines, with services and professionals
in order to quickly diagnose this sector.
*Former Regional Director of Cultural Affairs, former Chief of Staff
inspection and evaluation within the Music, Dance, and
theatre and live performance, Daniel Barroy is an expert on the stakes of the
territorial cultural policy, creation and reform of the state.
*Manuel Bamberger has reorganized the dialogue between the Department and
Photographic donations to the Media Library of Architecture and
and is currently working on the redeployment of this institution to