In 2012, the Ministry of Culture and Communication benefited from a budget that increased by 0.9% to over €7.4 billion.

This envelope is divided between:
– culture: €2.1 billion, excluding personnel costs, or +2.9%;
– personnel expenses: €644 million, +1.6%;
– cultural research: €124 million, – 0.7%;
– book, cultural industries and media, stable, at €4.6 billion.

Thus, while cuts are being made to cultural
most of France’s European partners, the
Ministry of Culture and Communication is sanctuarized in 2012,
reflecting the Government’s attention to the sectors

While continuing its modernization efforts, the
Culture and Communication benefits from an accompanying budget
the implementation of its priorities.

The heritage effort is confirmed (€871 million)

The means intended for historical monuments are consolidated to
376 M€.

2012 is marked in particular by two major projects:
the Maison de l'Histoire de France and the end of the Musée des
civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean (MUCEM), which will open its
doors in 2013. The €70 million museums plan for 2011-2013 is
continued, ensuring an average 20% state participation in the
investments in regional museums.

In the archives sector, the major project of the
National Archives of Pierrefitte-sur-Seine ends in 2012, for a
opening in 2013.

The funding of preventive archaeology will be reformed, in order to
improve the capacity to carry out archaeological operations
and reduce response times.

Support for creation (€788 million, +6.3%) is strengthened to drive
major projects and events (Philharmonie de Paris, Palais de
Tokyo, Monumenta and Triennale) and implement the show plan
and the photo plan. The means devoted to the live show
including in particular €347 million for the operation of the
live show (+ €3.5 million as part of the live show plan).

Higher education benefits from additional resources for
consolidate its inclusion in the European LMD scheme (€226.5m, +
4.3%). Sign of the Government’s attention to education
Higher Culture, teachers' jobs are exempt from the rule
the non-replacement of every second retirement.

The shared culture is the object of the mobilization of all
policies of the ministry. €75.7 million are planned for arts education and
and access to culture.

Resources for reading and reading increased by 4%, while
€263 million. The aim is to support the implementation of the 14
proposals for the development of reading and the
power of the renovation site of the Richelieu quadrilateral.

The Government’s commitment alongside the press is confirmed,
despite the end of the exceptional plan decided in the framework of the States
Print Media Executives for 2009-2011: Appropriations on the
The Ministry’s 2012 budget (€390 million) remains significantly higher,
more than 40%, at the level prior to the Estates General of the press.

This maintenance of aid at a historically high level is accompanied by
a reform of the governance of these aids.

Public broadcasting is benefiting from an increase in its
1.4%. 2012 is marked by the implementation of new contracts
objectives and resources of France Télévisions and Arte, which strengthen
for France Télévisions, in terms of creation and
for Arte, in terms of enhancing its digital offering
audience and digital development.

Finally, the tax on television services will be
reform, to ensure funding for the National Film Centre and
image (CNC). It will benefit from €700 million in
2012 to continue its action at the service of cinema and audiovisual.

2012 Culture and Communication Budget Finalizes
the State’s commitment to culture and
communication since 2007, which is translated by:
- an increase in loans of €1.23 billion (+20%) between 2007 and
- a cumulative effort of €4.57 billion over the period.