Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, expresses the very keen attention he pays to the situation of the technical industries of cinema, following the judicial liquidation of the Quinta Industries Group and the companies that compose it.

The Ministry of Culture and Communication is fully mobilized, since the announcement of this legal liquidation, to respond to all the challenges posed, for Quinta industries, and for producers who use its services. One of the priorities is to allow in the best conditions the finalization and the release in theatres of the films currently processed by Quinta industries, and in the medium term to guarantee the conservation of the works stored by the group.

Since the delivery of the judicial liquidation, the discussions between management and employees of Quinta industries should allow the continuation of the activity for an additional month, and thus facilitate the theatrical release of the most urgently concerned films, That is to say, those whose release is planned by the end of January. For these works, as well as for films whose exploitation is planned later, the Ministry of Culture and Communication, via the action of the National Centre for Cinema and Animated Images (CNC)will play its full role in facilitating dialogue and the search for solutions between all the parties concerned: technical industries, producers, judicial liquidator and state authorities concerned. A meeting to this effect is held on 22 December under the aegis of the TNC with all professional organisations.

Overall, technical industries are facing the rapid transition of the film industry to digital. The public authorities are accompanying them in this transformation, through existing support mechanisms, but also within the framework of programmes for the digitisation of heritage films, to make digital not only a means of valuing and disseminating works, but also an opportunity for our industries.