Announced on 16 May at the Rencontres nationales de la librairies in Yon, Decree no. 2011-993 of 23 August 2011, supplementing the independent delibrairie reference label, has just been published in the Official Journal.

The reference independent bookstore label, created by the law of
Finance for 2008, was first allocated in 2009 by
Frédéric Mitterrand. Today he distinguishes 514 bookshops in metropolitan France
and overseas for the extent of their assortment, their role for the
promotion of quality literature and for the cultural animation of
our cities. As for art and trial cinemas, the label includes
a tax component, since bookshops meeting the award criteria
may be exempted from local business taxation by the
local authorities. Nearly 100 exemption measures
have been taken to date, making the label an effective instrument
for the preservation of a diverse network of bookstores.

The new decree should make it possible to integrate libraries whose
the commitment to the dissemination of the book is undeniable and
recognized, even if they are unable to meet the criteria
tax label. The scheme is thus extended in two directions,
for the benefit, on the one hand, of bookshops in medium and small towns in
a concern for the cultural development of the territory and for the benefit, of other
part, bookshops without capital independence but benefiting
a real autonomy of choice and management, allowing a work of
quality (for example, some publisher libraries).

The list of bookshops distinguished by a label of the Ministry of Culture
and Communication, more coherent and comprehensive, should
In the long term, there will be about 550 establishments.

The consolidation of the system must allow booksellers to seize
label and make it live as a framework of excellence for
cultural shops in the city centre, as well as Frédéric Mitterrand
encouraged them to do so at the National Bookshop Meetings.