The community of communes of the Hautes Vosges, signatory of a territorial contract of arts and cultural education (CTEAC) with the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs Grand Est (DRAC), the Department of Vosges and the Academy Nancy-Metz launches, for the 2023 school year2024, a call for applications in residence, from an artist (individual or collective) or professional of the culture, wishing to conceive differently the act of creating, in immersion in a territory and in contact with its inhabitants, and the pupils who are educated there.

The Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs Grand Est, the Academy of Nancy-Metz and the local authorities partners are working on the implementation of the «Residences of territory» scheme – residencies in the territories involved in a CTEAC Territorial Arts and Cultural Education Contract.

The objectives of this scheme are:

  • Contribute to the national priority of generalisation of arts and cultural education (EAC)
  • Facilitating pluridisciplinarity and transversality within schools and territorial structures
  • Reducing inequalities in access to art and culture
  • Cooperate with socio-educational, cultural and associative actors of the territory to create a link on the territory
  • Support the artistic and cultural presence, as a priority in rural areas

The residency is anchored on the fundamental and inseparable approaches linked to the EAC: practicing within an artistic project, encountering a work through the discovery of a creative process, appropriate the experience to give the desire to pursue and share art and culture. It encourages the discovery and frequentation of places of creation and artistic diffusion.

Objectives of the residence

The residence of territory is different from a residence of creation because here the artist is engaged in a process of co-creation that favors the exchange with the public, the consideration of the context and the territory.
This process aims to make research and artistic practice perceived and experienced by non-specialist audiences and involves the educational teams of schools and colleges in the territory. For the artist, the necessary project to «do with» and thus gives a great place to the encounter, immersion and sharing. This co-creation process will lead to the production of an object (edition, performance, show, video, etc.) linked to the artistic gesture and the lived experience.

The residency is organized around structuring elements such as founding principles, references and cultural places, audiences and a theme proposed by the territory. The founding principles of the CTEAC of the Community of Communes of the Hautes Vosges are:
- Co-built;
- Contextual: it takes the territory as the raw material and support of creation.
- All audiences: it is aimed at audiences that are said to be far from the arts and cultural offer for social or geographical reasons. It pays special attention to schools and colleges in the territory, as part of the generalization of arts and cultural education. It is open to children and adults and can develop over all living times.
- Multidisciplinary: It breaks down disciplinary fields and encourages artists and cultural professionals to intervene alongside researchers whose fields of investigation intersect territorial, urban and social issues;
- Citizen: it makes it possible to understand questions of society through acts and artistic approaches likely to promote the imagination, sensitivity and critical gaze, supports the construction of the individual and the strengthening of his place in the city.

The theme "Culture makes its games!"

Each year a theme is chosen in relation to the uses of the territory, since the inhabitant practice. The artistic project should build on this theme and give it meaning. The Community of Communes of the Hautes Vosges has chosen to treat the theme «Culture makes its games!». Indeed, the territory of the Community of Communes is labeled «Playground 2024», and the wish is therefore to set up an artistic residence around this theme, and show that culture and sport can be two practices that can be complementary, to ally, not to compete.

The territory of the residence, the public

The cultural structures of the territory

The partner cultural places are gateways to the territory that the artist will use to develop his project and whose discovery shared with the public will inform and fuel the process of common artistic creation.

Cultural structures as partners

- The intercommunal media centres in Vagney, Saulxures/Moselotte, Cornimont;
- La Maison des Loisirs et de la Culture de La Bresse ;
- The Cultural and Social Area of La Pranzière in Cornimont ;
- The Ecole de Musique intercommunale des 2 Vallées, based in Saulxures-sur-Moselotte.


The projects supported by the CTEAC are aimed at all, including students attending schools and colleges in the territory, and more specifically at young audiences and their entourage. Special attention will be paid, in addition, to the Outside School Time, in order to integrate early childhood, extra-school, and EHPADs present in the territory with the support of the following structures:
- Maison des Loisirs et de la Culture in La Bresse;
- Cultural and Social Area of Pranzière;
- Relais Petite Enfance de la Communauté de Communes des Hautes Vosges ;
- Cornimont EHPAD;
- EHPAD de La Bresse;
- EHPAD de Saulxures/Moselotte.