The Cultural Action and Heritage Directorate of Amiens Métropole and its partners are proposing a call for applications for the deployment during the 2023-2024 school year of three mission residencies for arts and cultural education.

Background to the call for applications

In an ambitious and proactive approach in favour of the encounter with arts and culture, the agglomeration community of Amiens Métropole is committed today to implement a Metropolitan Contract for the Generalisation of Arts and Cultural Education (CMEAC) designed in close partnership with the Direction régionale des affaires culturelles des Hauts-de-France (DRAC), the local education services and the departmental council of the Somme. This contract constitutes one of the pillars of the new metropolitan plan of arts and cultural education whose ambition is to federate the energies, the means and the competences in order to build sensitive routes and citizens of EAC for children, young people and their families in all their lives and beyond, towards all the inhabitants of the metropolitan territory.

The metropolitan contract for the generalisation of arts and cultural education throughout life is based on the establishment of artist residencies for the purposes of arts and cultural education, the subject of this call for applications. These mission residencies allow the emergence of projects in synergy with existing actions and resources in the territory and can bring together all artistic forms and aesthetics, as well as the heritage field.

They also allow the emergence of artistic and cultural education paths over all living times by inviting children and young people (school, extracurricular and leisure time), but also the inhabitants of the territory, to seize the proposals formulated by the artists.

What is a Mission Residence for Arts and Cultural Education (EAC)?

As it does not involve the creation or commission of a work, the residence-mission for the purposes of artistic and cultural education is distinct from the residence of creation. For the artist-in-residence, it is particularly important to engage in an experimental approach to cultural action, in the broad sense, that gives a sense of the artistic research that animates him, as well as the creative processes he implements. This presentation is based on very varied forms of interventions or actions, different from the traditional workshops of artistic practice that already exist, and that are governed by other specifications with different purposes.

Mission Residence Framework

The call for applications for three residencies during the 2023-2024 school year for arts and cultural education in two areas, the objectives of which are certainly very close, nevertheless allowing artists to position themselves in a different way:

  • an intergenerational axis, which encourages the diversity of audiences, regardless of their location or age.
  • a community axis that encourages the consideration of the public according to a territorial entrance: rural territories, periurban, urban of Amiens Métropole, the objective being to make them meet.a community axis that encourages the consideration of the public according to a territorial entrance.

The applicant artist must:

  • to be able to be fully involved in this particular type of action represented by a residence-mission.
  • to integrate its approach into the field of contemporary creation.
  • have a professional status as an artist and enjoy recognition from his peers for his production activity.
  • to be able to unite around its presence and its work a large school, educational, associative and cultural community.

Mission Residence Calendar

It is a residence of 4 full months, 17 and a half weeks (90 days in total), 5 to 6 days per week, to be spread over the period from February 15 to July 15.

This 4-month period consists of four phases:

  1. Discovery/Immersion
  2. Collective design of future BEC actions and timeframes
  3. Implementation of actions and dissemination time
  4. Restitution and balance sheet

How to participate in the call for applications?

Step 1: Download the call for projects


pdf - 833 Ko

Step 2: Send your complete application to:

In the event that the artist wishes to add a DVD or a CD to this mailing in order to present additional works or audiovisual documents, he specifies this in his e-mail and addresses these documents, by post to the following address:  Amiens Métropole, Direction de l'action culturelle et du patrimoine - Mme Céline CSORE, BP 2720- 80027 Amiens Cedex 1

Application deadline: May 1, 2023

Announcement of results June 2023

Contacts and Information

Amiens Métropole/ Direction de l'action culturelle et du patrimoine
Public and Mediation Division

Learn more about the metropolitan plan of Arts and Cultural Education d'Amiens Métropole.