Application deadline: May 20, 2023

Call for Applications - Territory and BEC Residence “Jardin[s]”

The Cultural Affairs Directorate of Mayenne Communauté is calling for applications for residency as a cartoonist/graphic novel author.

Mayenne Communauté is one of the communities of Ligian communes with the broadest cultural competence. This is combined with a constant voluntarism of the community and a strong associative vitality. Mayenne Communauté has updated its Territory Cultural Project (PCT) for the period 2022-2025 which brings together the actors of the territory and defines for 3 years the cultural roadmap and an action plan.

Since the update of the PCT, the Cultural Affairs Directorate has been linking the various partners, coordinating the construction of EAC routes and leading a territorial residence as well as the highlight around early childhood Croq' the words, kid!.

The residence

Coordinated by the Cultural Affairs Directorate of the Mayenne Community, in federation of the actors culture, youth and environment of the territory, and in close link with the Network of libraries and media libraries, this residency of territory and arts and cultural education aims to:

  • Conduct a transversal arts and cultural education project, bringing together services and cultural stakeholders
  • Allow the appropriation of the future culture/youth pole of Lassay-les-Châteaux by the inhabitants of its living area
  • Support artistic creation and develop the presence of artists in the territory
  • Training and awareness raising on environmental issues

This transversal residence in the territory feeds on cross-actions: in addition to the presence and actions of the author e/draughtsman received the project foresees artistic and cultural education routes and an all-public route consisting of mediation and dissemination actions programmed by the actors culture and environment of the territory (shows, visits, conferences, cinema, etc.).

Reception arrangements

The duration of the residency, positioned for the 2023/2024 season, is 6 weeks (30 days), segmented according to the needs of the project.
- Accommodation/workspaces
- Permit B required
- Residence grant of €3,648 flat rate

  • €4,332 in fees for arts and cultural education interventions
  • Travel expenses for home-place of residence on proof and in a maximum frame
    Personal travel, meals and creative materials are not covered.

Mayenne Community

Cultural Affairs Directorate
Juliette Maharaux, Coordinator and BEC