September 2019
16 p.

Trois élèves sur quatre touchés par au moins une action ou un projet relevant de l'éducation artistique et culturelle [CC-2019-3]

In the year from 2017-2018, three-quarters of pupils experienced at least one artistic or cultural education project or initiative: 82% in primary education and 62% in secondary education.

The differences between the projects and initiatives available are partly correlated to the characteristics of the various educational establishments, in particular the average age of teaching staff. In areas targeted for special help in education, the percentage of pupils who experience initiatives projects is lower: respectively 78% of primary school children and 55% of those in secondary school.

The differences between establishments also correlate to the way in which their cultural and artistic education is organised and whether they have an artistic and cultural education coordinator on site (present at over two in five schools) or an artistic and cultural teaching supervisor (present at two-thirds of secondary schools).

In addition to artistic and cultural education projects, almost 100% of primary schools and secondary schools organise at least one artistic and cultural activity (e.g. cultural visits, meeting artists, etc.). In three-quarters of schools and in over 90% of secondary schools, at least one activity is organised in partnership with a cultural organisation.
Finally, during the year 2017-2018, 56% of primary schools and 84% of secondary schools had a choir.