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The Ministry of Culture has an active policy to ensure that everyone, regardless of their situation of disability, fully participates in the artistic and cultural life, has access to the products of cultural industries such as books, audiovisual or cinema.

It mobilizes itself so that young people with disabilities benefit from an artistic and cultural education (EAC) pathway and can have access to the Culture Pass. For young people who wish to enter the cultural professions, the Ministry of Culture ensures that the higher education schools under its supervision are welcoming and meet specific needs.

Article 105 of the Law for a Digital Republic sets out the obligation of accessibility of telephone services of public services to the deaf. As such, the Ministry of Culture has set up a specific telephone service for the standards of the Ministry, the Regional Directorates of Cultural Affairs (DRAC), institutions of higher education Culture and services with national competence (SCN), including museums.

This device allows deaf and hard of hearing people, via a free downloadable application on their workstation or mobile phone, to have direct access to Instant Transcription of the Word (TIP) services, interpretation in French Sign Language (LSF) or video-coding French Spoken Language Completed (LPC).
Through the intermediary of specialised operators, deaf people can contact the various services by telephone in real time

How can I call us?

You must first:

A PC computer, tablet or smartphone

A headset
Optional for more comfort

A webcam
essential for a video interpreter in LSF

To make the best use of Acceo, it is important to have a good internet connection.
Then, nothing is simpler! No more phone need, only your computer is enough.

  1. Download the Acceo extension module
  2. Accept the Terms of Service
  3. Choose your mode of communication

You are connected with an Acceo operator and contact the desired service together


You can choose from 3 communication methods:

  • Video interpretation in LSF.
  • Instant Speech Transcription (real-time captioning).
  • The video-coding in LPC.

This service is also available on-site, on the BnF’s François-Mitterrand site, to communicate face-to-face with staff.

Click here for free access to the service

from 9h to 12h30 and from 13h30 to 17h30 from Monday to Friday