Tribute by Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, to François Nourissier

He was willingly called «the pope of letters», some saw
the President of the Goncourt Academy; the esteemed critic,
a man of influence who recognizes and values talent. The author of Un
French History, the Master of the House, the
Museum of Man was first a remarkable writer and a
particularly lucid observer of the human soul, to begin with
by his.

The great power which, in fact, was his in the literary world
yet had not made him a conformist or a man who would
first to be imitated. He knew how to go against the current, to dare the counter-foot,
and, foiling all the strategies that major literary prizes can
create, defend and defend unexpected talent
because he loved her.

François Nourissier had long suffered from a serious illness
which he knew how to make a novel character. Beautiful way,
courageous, to face adversity. He will almost have spent his life
pen in hand, to write his books or annotate those of others.
A man-of-letters life that stops in the middle of a sentence.