Tribute by Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, to Christian Blachas

With the sudden disappearance of Christian Blachas, all «publivores» and more
generally all those who recognized, like me, that advertising creation is
an integral part of our culture, have the painful feeling of having lost a friend

Through the success of its cult programs broadcast for so many years on
M6, through his magazine «CB News», Christian Blachas had applied to himself,
with much intelligence and pugnacity, the ground rules of the best creative who
know how to sublimate and integrate the constraints of the product, the time allocated, and the public to whom
with the objective of attracting, converting and even bewitching. This is probably to
that he had managed to gain recognition and appreciation in this professional environment

Christian Blachas knew how to amuse us, surprise us, move us by speaking and
showing advertising, its backstage, its richness, its diversity. It was a forerunner and had
understood, as a pioneer, that this communication tool had a cultural dimension
and that it was not limited to its marketing purposes alone. No doubt it was not far off
to think like Marshall Mac Luhan, that advertising was the greatest art form of
20th century».

I pay tribute to his talent, his vision, his passion, and convey my warmest
thoughts to his loved ones and family.