On the proposal of Frédéric Mitterrand, Minister of Culture and Communication, the President of the Republic appointed Catherine Pégard as President of the Public Establishment of the Palace, the Museum and the National Palace of Versailles.

Former editor of Le Point magazine, Catherine Pégard was
since 2007 advisor to the President of the Republic.

Catherine Pégard will succeed on October 2, 2011, for a period of 5 years,
Jean-Jacques Aillagon, President of the Public Establishment of the Castle,
of the museum and the national domain of Versailles since 2007.

The Minister wishes to pay tribute to the exemplary action led by Mr
Jean-Jacques Aillagon heads this establishment.

Energetically continuing the renovation work of the castle, the museum and the
the national domain, President Jean-Jacques Aillagon
access for new audiences that has resulted in an increase
substantial attendance of the estate.

Jean-Jacques Aillagon has worked to strengthen the attractiveness and
development of the international influence of the domain, enhancing its heritage
and creating new artistic dynamics. He organized a series of
exhibitions that have been very successful, such as the
«Sciences et curiosités à la cour de Versailles».

Jean-Jacques Aillagon has profoundly renovated the look that the general public and
Foreign visitors focus on the Domain by associating with visits of works
renowned artists such as Jeff Koons, Xavier Veilhan, Takashi Murakami and Bernar
The Minister expresses the warmest wishes for the new president,
Catherine Pégard, whose great culture, organizational qualities and
proven communication talent will enable the
ambitious projects in the domain of Versailles which remains one of our great places
from memory.