The changes brought to the western façade of the Reims cathedral by the ministry of culture - Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs of the Grand Est, have allowed us since thirty years or so to restore the Nothern and Southern gates, the gable and the central gate coving. There remain only the two sidewalls of the main gate.

As preliminary studies revealed stability problems related to three statues, this gate has by measure of security, be put off public visits, so as to make the necessary consolidation and to determine the kid of intervention necessary.

The cathedral's façade: a shinnign gothic chef-d'oeuvre:

Made of a gate of three monumental doors, each possessing the dimensions of a church gate, the western façade (XIIIe s.) is one of the most beautiful testimonies of gothic art:
- Dimensions are never equal;

- Richness of sculpted display;
- High quality implementation of the materials used;
- Union between architecture and sculpture;
- Consistent style.

A sculpted display dedicated to the Virgin

- At the peak: crowning of the Virgin
- On the gate's sidewalls: Annunciation, visitation, and presentation of Jesus at the Temple.