april 2011
32 p.

In 2008, SACD, France’s society of dramatic authors and composers (Société des auteurs et compositeurs dramatiques) paid out 136 million euros in royalties to 17,700 dramatic authors and composers. Between 1997 and 2008, the repertoire range managed by SACD has changed considerably, particularly that within the audiovisual field, due to changing technologies within the field since the 1990s, such as France’s national digital terrestrial service TNT (Télévision Numérique Terrestre), the emergence of specialist channels etc. Authors are clearly differentiated from each other depending on their repertoire field (audiovisual or live entertainment), their career span and output, their level of contributions to broadcasts and productions, as well as the royalty amounts received. The dramatic author and composer population remains relatively old and markedly male, although its female contingent is growing.