Valérie DEROIN
may 2013
8 p.

The access to digital equipment and technologies by households has strongly evolved over the last ten years: two households on ten in France had access to the internet in 2002 and eight on ten in 2012, which is a little higher than the average of the European Union. The digital penetration of the territory is linked to technological developments but also to social and economic strategies, both at national and European levels. However, disparities remain in digital uses, regarding age group, type of household and level of education.
The internet is going mobile, in particular among the youngest. Internet uses for communication and search for information are always widely spread in France as well as in the whole EU27. Yet, national specificities may be observed: the internet users living in France practise fewer on-line cultural activities and order more rarely cultural goods or services on the internet than the internet users living in other EU Member States.