december 2007
170 p.

The French Ministry of Culture and Communication publishes the French version of the book published by Eurostat under the title Cultural Statistics in Eurostat, Pocketbooks collection.
This pocketbook provides comparable data relating to culture already available within the European Statistical System, plus information from other sources (Unesco, Eurobameter, etc.)  

Through a selection of paintings and graphics, themes of the cultural field are described for the 27 Member States, candidate countries and EFTA countries: cultural heritage, cultural employment, enterprises in certain sectors activity in the cultural field - publishing, architecture and cinema - the foreign trade of the main cultural goods, household spending on culture, cultural practices and the time spent on cultural activities.
This book, the first of its kind, aims to relatively small and is not intended to be exhaustive. A short commentary on the data and methodological appendices complete this first glimpse of the cultural economy, based mainly on the results of existing harmonized surveys and previous work within the European Statistical System.