Regional context for written heritage in Burgundy-Franche-Comté.


Written Heritage Regional Plan (DRAC) : Not formalized.
The PAPE survey was deepened in 2006 by an evaluation mission on the Burgundy heritage funds.

Charter of conservation: CRL Burgundy is a signatory of the charter.

Regional Associate Centre of the National Library of France (since 2006): Framework Convention no. 2012-210/423 (2012-2014)
Partners: DRAC Burgundy, CRL Burgundy, City of Dijon and University of Burgundy.

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Dijon Public Library
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Related Documentary Clusters BnF:

  • Associated Centre for Gastronomy and Oenology (WB Dijon, 1996)
    'Cooperation concerns acquisitions for a fee in the fields of gastronomy and oenology, in particular antiquariat works and documents in foreign languages. Associated with these acquisitions are the retrospective conversion of authoritative bibliographic tools in these fields".
  • Associated pole for the extension of the Burgundian Library (CRL Burgundy, 2000)
    "The cooperation concerns the reporting, within the Burgundian bibliographic base, of collections related to Burgundy, present in the Burgundian libraries members of the C.R.L. Burgundy".
    In 2006, a new triennial framework agreement brings together three partners: the BNF, the CRL Burgundy and the City of Dijon (BM). Besides the description of collections of Burgundian interest in the Burgundian Bibliographic Base, it incorporates a new axis of cooperation: the digitization of publications of learned societies
    • 110,000 bibliographic references located in 42 municipal libraries, the library of the University of Burgundy, the Regional Observatory of the environment of Burgundy, the libraries of archives and the Académie François-Bourdon.
    • 10,000 books published in Burgundy
    • 8,000 pieces scanned

Catalogue available online

  • On the website of the BM Dijon: (sections Research on Burgundy then Bibliography Burgundy)
  • Via the website of CRL Burgundy: (direct access on the homepage)

Periodical Shared Disposal and Retention Plan : yes.
Created in 1989 by ABIDOC, it now gathers 28 libraries (23 BM, 3 BDP, the library of the University of Burgundy and the Media Library of the IUFM) and manages about 850 titles of periodicals.
Catalogue available on the website in 2009.

Youth Shared Book Conservation Plan :
Created in 2007 by the CRL Burgundy, it counts 13 conservation libraries and develops 3 conservation axes: lost publishers and collections, local publishers and publishers who have less than 200 titles in the catalog.

Regional catalogues

Regional catalogues of incunabula:

  • work started in 1999 (responsible Louis Torchet); approximately 1070 incunables.

Musical heritage in the region:

  • Dijon. Bibliothèque du Conservatoire national de région. Catalogue du fonds ancien. Dijon, ASSECARM de Bourgogne, 1992, 199 p.
  • Beaune. Bibliothèque municipale Gaspard Monge. Catalogue du fonds Mortureux. Dijon: Musique et danse en Bourgogne, 2005, 221 p.
  • Catalogue of the old musical collections preserved in Burgundy (except the old collection of the library of the National Conservatory of Region), Dijon, ASSECARM de Bourgogne, 1995, 129 p.

Bibliography of the French political press and general information:

  • Saône-et-Loire (1966)
  • Yonne (1979).
  • Ongoing: Côte-d'Or and Nièvre (to be published in 2014).


Written Heritage Regional Plan (DRAC) : yes.
Plan defined in October 2006. See restitution document on the ACCOLAD website.


  • Improvement of conservation conditions
  • Regional Training Plan
  • Inventory and cataloguing of untreated holdings (completion of the regional catalogue of incunabula, processing of documentary holdings, cataloguing of complete heritage holdings).

In 2008, Marie-Claude Pasquet conducted a mission to identify the region’s heritage funds: General Report and Fund Reporting Report.

Regional Heritage Assistance Fund :
Project to create a regional fund of intervention for the heritage (with the Regional Council and registered in the CPER 2007-2013; failure in 2007)

N.B. The 2007-2013 CPER includes a “digitization of the heritage of archives, libraries and museums” component, which complements the regional IPO. This component was part of a project to create a more global regional intervention fund, which would have included acquisitions, restoration, digitisation, valorization; this project was again proposed to the CR by the regional prefect in May 2008

Conservation Charter: ACCOLAD is a signatory to the Charter.

Regional Associate Centre of the National Library of France : Framework Convention no. 2012-284/423 for 2012-2014.
Partners outside BnF: DRAC Franche-Comté, ACCOLAD, Ville de Besançon, Communauté d'agglomération du Grand Dole, Cities of Lons-le-Saunier and Montbéliard.

  • Digitization of the regional retrospective press
  • Digitization of documents constituting the Comtois iconographic and scientific heritage
  • Description of the heritage and local printed collections preserved in the Franche-Comté region. ACCOLAD, with the support of the DRAC, will be responsible for helping the institutions concerned to define their priorities for retroconversion and to provide them with methodological assistance for the preparation of their specifications
  • Update of the Catalogue général des manuscrits des bibliothèques publiques de France for collections held in Franche-Comté

Library legal deposit printer :
Besançon Municipal Library
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Correspondent: Marie Smouts

BnF documentary related clusters: no.

Periodical Shared Disposal and Retention Plan :
Concerns 35 institutions, 605 titles, 208 funds comtois, 46 youth funds.
A survey on the impact of this plan was carried out in 2008.

Survey on the shared conservation of Youth funds in Franche-Comté
Carried out in 2004; online on the ACCOLAD website.

JuMel (Jura Mediatheques en ligne) collective catalogue of public libraries in the Jura department. Provides access to local heritage funds (Dole, Saint-Claude, Salins-les-Bains, etc.).

Regional catalogues

Regional catalogues of incunabula:

  • In progress (written by Marie-Claire Waille, BM de Besançon). Expected to be published in 2014.

Musical heritage in the region:

  • Catalogue des fonds musicaux anciens conservés en Franche-Comté, tome I. Belfort, ACCOLAD-Edisud, 2000, 367 p. [This catalogue concerns the collections prior to 1830].

Bibliography of the general information press:

  • Doubs and Territory of Belfort (1965)
  • Jura (1965)
  • Haute-Saône (1965).
  • Region fully covered.