The Association des Centres Nationaux des Arts de la Rue et de l'Espace Public (CNAREP) launched last December for the third consecutive year, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, a call for projects to support artistic creation in public spaces. Five new arts teams will receive support to refine their creative projects by the end of September.

The context

The Association des Centres Nationaux des Arts de la Rue et de l'Espace Public brings together 14 NOCAREP The Association has been carrying the Hors Cadre production fund since 2021. This fund is funded by the Ministry of Culture - Direction générale de la création artistique (DGCA) and the CNAREP.

Support a creative approach in public spaces, which is free from the usual production frameworks

Conceived as a call for air, Hors Cadre invites artists, companies and collectives, whatever the disciplines or aesthetics defended, who wish to create in the public space.  

Without any limit of scale, Hors Cadre is intended to accompany the artists from the genesis of the project, in the place of the sketch of an exceptional work.   This qualifier can cover the final form of creation (from the territorial micro-scale to its multiplication, duration of the work, monumental installation, large form...), or the conditions of its elaboration (time given to research, places invested, international collaborations...) or ways of meeting with the public.

Writing Scholarships Outside Framework 2023

Of the 200 or so memoranda of intent received after the launch of Hors Cadre 2023, the Association des Centres nationaux des arts de la rue et de l'espace public (CNAREP) The Commission has selected five, which may be extended by the award of a writing grant.

These are: 

  • Children’s Committee for Future Items, by Gabriella Cserháti, GK Collective
  • Gust, by Marlène Llop, Collectif Balle Perdue
  • You without whom the world, by Laëtitia Madancos, Compagnie L'Entaille 
  • Youth is not a crime, by Julien Marchaisseau, Compagnie Rara Woulib
  • Research on monumental theatreby Guillaume Lambert, Compagnie L'Instant Dissonant

National Public Space and Street Arts Centres (CNAREP)

The structuring of the National Centres for the Street Arts and Public Space and their inclusion among the labelled networks in 2010 is the result of a policy of support of the Ministry of Culture in favour of the street arts sector and public space works for about twenty years.

The CNAREP accompanies artistic and cultural projects for the public space as well as the paths of the artists by relying on their territory of implantation. These are the reference institutions for the creation, dissemination and presentation to audiences of artistic projects designed for the public space. They participate in the recognition and qualification of street arts and public space.  

It exists today 14 CNAREP spread over the entire national territory.