Each year, the Aide à la création helps to accompany some fifty texts, through, in particular, their circulation in francophone and international networks, as well as to promote the influence of their authors. The Commission de l'Aide nationale à la création de textes dramatiques met on May 9 and 10, 2023 to nominate the new winners. She selected the following texts:

Dramatic literature

  • Three times Saly by Guillaume Cayet
  • Risks and perils by Dominique Chryssoulis
  • Layla de Anaïs de Clercq
  • An ear in a meadow of Lisiane Durand
  • Last warnings by Vincent Guédon
  • The Burned Child by Noemie Ksicova
  • The apple tree of Anthony Mathieu
  • The essentials of Faustine Noguès
  • Without question by Coralie Nonnenmacher-Guérin
  • Mulu by Delphine Peraya
  • Memory of rural women of Jessica Rivière
  • Until the wall holds by Julie Tirard
  • October night by Louise Vignaud and Myriam Boudenia
  • The Spirit of Salt by Guillaume Viry


  • Ladies Football Club by Stefano Massini, translated from Italian by Laura Brignon
  • Sleepless night by Tatjana Motta, translated from Italian by Federica Martucci


  • Honeycomb of Maxime Crochard
  • Vallis lacrimarum of Cédric Jaburek
  • Epitaph-fiction by Daddy Kamono Moanda
  • In this forest that lacks of Shiho Kasahara
  • The seventh continent by Neil-Adam Mohammedi

National support for the creation of dramatic texts

The mission of Aide à la création de textes dramatiques is to identify and accompany contemporary French-speaking playwrights. It was created in 1947 and since 2007 Artcena has been coordinating it by delegation from the Ministry of Culture.
This device is an encouragement and support for the first stage performances of these works, and supports the path of their authors through financial assistance and enhancement actions with the actors of the network of contemporary writings: institutions, places, festivals, publishers, companies.

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