What is the ratio of children to screens from 0 to 5 and a half years?


Publication of the second analysis of screen time spent by young children from the birth cohort of the French longitudinal study (Elfe) by DEPS.

French longitudinal study (Elfe)

Comprised of a panel of 18,000 children born in 2011, Elf asks parents about multiple aspects of a child’s life, including social sciences, health and the environment.

Of screens prin the daily lives of all children aged 5 and a half


The distance to the screens (television included) which was already rare at 2 years no longer exists at 5 and a half years. The consumption of a single screen (that of television) decreases in favor of a multi-screen world, in which television remains central:

At 5.5 years old, 98% of children watch TV, 54% play with a tablet or computer and 26% with a smartphone at least once a week.

The supremacy of television abode

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From the age of 2, television is part of the lives of almost all children.

Miscellaneous screensnt approperty according to social backgrounds


It is too simplistic to oppose the popular circles to the favored ones in the analysis of early socialization to the screens. Between recreational and educational activities – possibly carried out with a larger child (or an adult) – and parental management of the child’s “quiet” time, or even “educational fatigue”, television and digital screens (computer, tablet, smartphone) Children’s daily lives are shaped in many ways by social settings, but also by family configurations and educational practices, as well as by the parents' own screen reports.


  • Television: 83% of children watch it at age 2 and 98% at age 5 and a half.
  • Computers or tablets: 27% of 2-year-olds are users compared to 54% at 5.5 years, twice as many.
  • Smartphone: 20% of children use it at 2 years and 26% at 5.5 years.
  • Children aged 5 and a half:
  • - watch television for an average of 62 minutes a day, compared with 23 minutes for tablets and computers and 7 minutes for smartphones.
  • - spend an average of 92 minutes per day on screens, compared with 53 minutes at 2 years.

Kevin Diter and Sylvie October

Collection Culture études, 42 p., November 2022

Released November 22, 2022

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Children and screens during the first six years of life through follow-up of the Elf cohort [CE-2022-7]

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