Culture revenue up 2.6 billion euros in the third quarter of 2022 (+13% year-on-year rebound).

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This business note published by the Department of Studies, Foresight, Statistics and Documentation (DEPS) measures economic activity of the market field of culture in the third quarter of 2022, based on the turnover reported by enterprises to the Directorate-General for Public Finance.

For the past year, quarterly activity measured in terms of the value of the market field of culture has exceeded its pre-crisis level in 2019.

The crop merchant field displays 13% year-on-year rebound in Q3 2022 (+ EUR 2.6 billion), recording a gain of €1.9 billion (+ 9 %) compared to 2019, the pre-crisis year considered “normal”.

This rebound corresponds to a sector growth du live performance, du video game and of wealth management. The other cultural sectors show less or stable growth in turnover.

Analysis by commercial cultural sector in Q3 2022* :



€2.6 billion overall quarterly gain

13% rebound over one year for the commercial field of culture

Top contributors:

  • Performing arts (66%)
  • Video game (48%)
  • Wealth management (31%)

The film screening and, to a lesser extent, the press are this quarter the only two cultural sectors whose quarterly turnover has still not reached or exceeded its corresponding pre-crisis value of 2019.

*Details of the method, data and classification of cultural activities pages 19 to 22.

Ludovic Bourlès, Yann Nicolas

Collection Economic Outlook Note, 2023#1, 24p., January 2023

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Economic analysis of culture revenue in Q3 2022

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