The National Music Centre (NJC) publishes its annual report on musical diversity as part of its observation mission, expanded this year for the first time to include musical diversity produced and exhibited on audiovisual and musical platforms.

In December 2022, the NJC released its annual report on musical diversity in the media in 2021, in all its aspects (diversity of titles and artists, exhibition of French works and French production, distribution of musical aesthetics, distribution of the lead genre, renewal of creation) and, for the first time, on all media (phonographic production and streaming in addition to traditional TV and radio reports).

All organizations and organizations representing players in the music industry (artists, producers, publishers, broadcasters) and the State services have contributed to building the new tools needed to recast and expand the observation of musical diversity. The collaborations initiated by the CNM with the streaming platforms as well as the organizations of collective management of the phonographic production, which were until now not directly solicited for this study, allowed to extend the device 

The National Music Centre is a public institution under the Ministry of Culture.