Françoise Nyssen received on Monday, November 27, all the players in the music sector for a public presentation of Roch-Olivier Maistre’s report: Bringing Music Together – For a National Centre.  

According to Françoise Nyssen, the diagnosis made by Roch-Olivier Maistre is very clear, and I think I can say that it is shared by a large number of stakeholders. I personally agree with his findings. And I welcome the work of formulating operational recommendations The Minister will speak in January on the orientations decided by the Government on the basis of the ten recommendations of the report.

The Minister of Culture outlined her music policy priorities, which are based on four pillars:

- support for the creation and the French music industry;

- support for institutions and actors carrying out a public service mission;

- the territorial distribution;

- support for amateur music practice.

Françoise Nyssen announced several new measures for the music sector for 2018:

- doubling the subsidy to the Export Bureau (€2.7 million), decided with the support of parliamentarians;

- the extension of the tax credit for phonographic production, provided for in the 2017 amending Finance Act. Coupled with the tax credit for live entertainment, these two schemes represent a tax expenditure of €15 million in 2018, an increase of more than €4 million compared to 2017;

- the establishment of a plan, unique in Europe, to support music video clips by the National Centre for Cinema and Animated Images (€3 million);

- A series of measures for enhanced support for institutions and actors who carry out a public service mission, allowing a better visibility of music in all its diversity (operas, music creation centres, festivals, musical ensembles, SMAC, etc.)

- finally, the preparation with Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of National Education, of a «Choral Plan», with a simple objective: to go from one in four schools with a choir today to one in two in 2018. This plan will mobilize the music association sector but also the conservatories, whose support is increased by €3 million to reach €20 million.

At the European level, Françoise Nyssen will continue to fight, as part of the revision of the copyright directive, for a better sharing of value between video sharing platforms and the music industry. This measure is essential for the development of cultural industries and the export of French music.