Pursuant to Article L.451-9 of the French Heritage Code, the properties of the State’s collections, deposited before 7 October 1910 in the museums of France belonging to local authorities, are the subject of a transfer of ownership to these local authorities. Here you will find the transfer procedures implemented by the Service des musées de France as well as the changes that the museum must make to its inventory and deposit registers after this procedure.

What are the properties concerned?

The transfer of ownership applies to any property deposited by the State with a territorial collectivity before October 7, 1910 and present on January 4, 2002 (date of publication of the law «museums») in a museum with the designation «Museum of France» of the same territorial collectivity.
The total number of properties deposited since the Revolution until October 7, 1910 in establishments today «museums of France» is about 100,000, distributed in just over 300 communities.

Who manages this procedure?

The Ministry of Culture, Service des musées de France, is in charge of the transfer of ownership on behalf of all depositing bodies of the State.  To this end, in 2002, the head of the French Museum Service created a «mission of transferring state deposits» attached to the collections sub-directorate (e.g. collections department)

Contact: Romain Siegenfuhr (Email) the Bureau de l'inventaire et de la circulation des biens culturels, Collection Branch, Service des musées de France, Directorate-General for Heritage and Architecture

How do I know which assets have been transferred?

At the end of the transfer procedure, the Official Journal publishes the order transferring ownership of the property to the territorial collectivity concerned (city or department).

The complete list of transferred assets is then published in the Official Bulletin of the Ministry of Culture (unless the list of works concerned appears in the order).

At December 31, 2022, ownership of 10,897 properties was transferred to 213 local and regional authorities.


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Transfer of ownership of state deposits and management of works transferred or in the process of transfer

The first part of the downloadable resource below explains in detail what the Service des musées de France has been implementing since 2009 to ensure this procedure, from the identification of the property concerned until the publication of the order formalizing the transfer of ownership for the benefit of the community.

Modification of inventory and deposit information after transfer of ownership of state deposits prior to 1910

At the end of this transfer procedure, the cultural property concerned passes from the legal status of deposited property to that of property assigned to collections. Consequently, changes, summarized in the downloadable document, are required on inventory and deposit registers, whether in paper or electronic form.

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The transfer of ownership of state property deposited in museums of France before 1910

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