Museums in France are required to study the provenance of the works in their collections, to ensure that they are not stolen between 1933 and 1945. For works «Musées nationaux récupération» (MNR), deposited in more than 170 Museums of France, museums must also exhibit and highlight them specifically.

Mediation, valorisation and provenance research on NRMs

The Mission for the Search and Restitution of Cultural Property Looted between 1933 and 1945 provides museums with various tools (text for the presentation of MNR works, cartel models, indications for the transmission of photographs in order to Rose-Valland base (MNR-Jeu de Paume), etc.).

Research work on collections

Museums must also take an interest in the history of works in their collections and be very vigilant when acquiring them. Training courses and resources (bibliography, database) are made available to them to identify in their collections any looted works and not to acquire works of dubious origin.