11 sheets including this one, were drawn up in coordination with the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Ministry of the Interior and the Bishops' Conference of France (CEF). Their purpose is to facilitate the use of these remarkable buildings protected as historical monuments, in compliance with the provisions of the law of 9 December 1905, administrative jurisprudence on the use of buildings of worship for purposes compatible with the religious use and the Heritage Code.

Theexecution of the works of any kind must be done with theservice agreement so that they do not constitute an obstacle to the free exercise of worship and the conduct of ceremonies. DRAC services inform the assignee when work is planned.

When of alteration work are envisaged (for example: order of stained glass windows, development of a sales counter, development or creation of liturgical furniture or an organ...), it is necessary to warn very upstream of the project, the State services (DRAC and curator of the cathedral). Respect for the integrity of the building is then taken into account through the definition of architectural constraints in the program and throughout the operation by the services responsible for scientific and technical control.

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Cathedrals: Fact Sheet 6 - Modification work in cathedrals

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