This guide is intended to supplement the documents in force with prescriptions in use for roofing work relating to the restoration of historical monuments.

This guide was written by the Higher Institute of Coverage, depending on theWorkers' Association of the Companions of Duty of the Tour de France under the direction of the Office of Engineering and Technical Expertise of the Sub-Directorate of Historical Monuments and Protected Areas in collaboration with representatives of the Administration of Historical Monuments (regional curators of historical monuments (CRMH), chief architect of historical monuments (ACMH), architect of buildings of France (ABF)), the French grouping of companies of restoration of historical monuments (GMH), the Confederation of Craft and Small Building Enterprises (CAPEB), the French Association for Standardization (AFNOR), the French architects' mutual (FAM) and the building and public works mutual insurance company (SMABTP).

It consists of three parts:

  • Technical booklet
  • Specification of specific technical clauses
  • Unit price list - Measurement mode